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... to my Web site.. I have been a prepper for more than 50 years. I believe that the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have had it right for decades..."Be Prepared." Unfortunately, we, as a country seem to have gotten away from that philosophy. There has been a disconnect from the "Old Ways so profound, some people don't really understand where their food comes from.

That's not a problem until the "System" fails. Be it from a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood or even a closed road or train route. The system is designed to get JUST what is needed to the stores JUST when it's needed. So if the "System" fails, then the things we need...the things we belive will be there aren't. That's when being a prepper makes sense. Being able to be self-sufficient for the the time needed until the "System" recovers...regardless of how long that takes.

That's why so many of my books inorporate the theme of "Being prepared." Hope you enjoy them!


My Life


I've written over 100 books and, as you might suspect, they provide a picture of who I am.

try to live life one to it's fullest. Sometimes, that means enjoying life and all that it provides, however, it also means being prepared for the bad things that life can send our way.

I believe in always reaching out to others and often to offer a helping hand. I also think about the meaning and beauty of life.